Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fire the Grid II

This only came to my attention this morning! This was no accident. I could have missed it altogether, but I've been feeling it on some level. So the information I needed came at the right moment. This may be YOUR invitation too, so I'm posting the event. Fire the Grid II :: Be Present

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summer Sun

Summer finally arrived with the summer solstice. It was our first hot weather, in the 80's. Although I'm not really a hot weather person, I was thrilled to have some heat! After a long winter and cool spring, I'm prepared to enjoy warm days.
The next week was HOT and HUMID. We had thunder storms and lightening, with some real downpours.We were forced to turn on the air conditioner to get some relief. It was a blessing for the humidity to let up when the storm system passed, and just open the windows to the breeze.
Then, on July 1, the temperature dropped like a lead balloon. The high was 61 degrees!! It was overcast and gloomy. I actually felt so cold, I'd have turned the heat on if it had been available. This lasted for 3 or 4 days. When I'd complain, everyone would remind me that Wisconsin has unpredictable weather. Yeah, Yeah...but can't we have a little consistency to go with it?
Just when I thought I'd go mad, the days warmed back up. Not hot enough for A/C, so I was a happy girl. It's been quite beautiful and we've taken several little trips in the area to enjoy the countryside.The area around Madison is truly beautiful in the Summer. There are rolling hills, endless green fields, and views that take your breath.

So far we've done fireworks a few times, attended a lovely outdoor theatre for plays, enjoyed the band concert in the park next to our apartment, and just spent time relaxing outdoors. I'm saving up warm memories to pull out next winter!

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