Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What a Great Idea! Guess it isn't available in the USA, as we have too many laws in place to allow this amazing invention. However, I am supporting the worldwide distribution. Go to the website to see it and read about it. (There is a link on the sidebar, or you can copy and paste the address)

Critter Update

The digital camera is up and running! I was able to capture the squirrel eating a cherry! I'm back feeding everything that wants food. Currently I've got a chipmunk that shows up daily, several squirrels, a blue jay (that likes the peanuts), multiple birds, and a few butterflies that sip nectar from my flowers.

I began feeding the squirrels again when I realized that the birds hadn't been ignoring the bird feeder because there was so much else out there to eat--but because the squirrels had been attempting to eat from the feeder and the feeding ports had closed (as they were supposed to) from the weight of the squirrel. The birds were going hungry because I didn't realize that the mechanism hadn't opened back up once the squirrel got off the feeder. The only way to prevent the squirrels getting on the bird feeder in the tree, is to feed them from a dish on the porch! So I do!!

Then, the chipmunk comes to eat the squirrel seed and the bluejay comes to eat the peanuts left out for the squirrel, and we are all happy!

More photos will follow, as soon as I figure out how to get outside and take the photo without startling the subject of the photo into running off the deck and jumping into the tree. It's MUCH more difficult that I'd imagined to get any quality photos.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Where's George?

Recently I came across a dollar bill with the "Where's George?" stamp on it. I brought it home and looked it up on the internet. The first bill wasn't that exciting. It had only traveled in Wisconsin, from Green Bay to Appleton--about 30 miles.

However, once I noticed the stamp, I've seen it on several bills. I bring each one of them home and log into my account to see where George has been. So far, I haven't found a bill from outside my immediate area.

So, I'm asking for a little help.

I'm willing to send $1 to you IF YOU WILL REGISTER at "Where's George?" and put the bill I send you into the data base. That way, my tracking page will start to be interesting. With the push of one button, you can get a Google map of the travel route of the bill, and I like this sort of nonsense.

Anyone willing to participate? Send your address and "Where's George?" account code to:
(There may be a wait while I acquire more money stamped with the "Where's George" information.)

To get your "Where's George?" account (it's FREE), log onto and follow the instructions.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Costumes from the Movies

Saturday we drove to Oshkosh to the Paine Art Museum and Gardens to see the "Fashion in Film" display. What a great way to spend an afternoon. The Paine Mansion and Gardens are interesting on their own, but the Costumes really made it interesting.

The exhibition features thirty-six period costumes worn by movie stars such as Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Gwyneth Paltrow in major motion pictures, from "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Sense and Sensibility" and "Titanic". The Paine’s presentation of the exhibition uniquely sets the elaborate costumes within the grandest rooms of the historic mansion.

The costumes have been worn by well-known actors in some of the most popular and successful period television and film productions of the last few decades, including several pictures that received Oscar and Emmy nominations and awards for costume design. The featured costumes range from a Renaissance-era green velvet dress worn by Cate Blanchett in "Elizabeth" to a 1950s pink silk dress worn by Madonna in "Evita".

Other selections include a winged party dress worn by Drew Barrymore in "Ever After", a wool coat and top hat worn by Ralph Fiennes in "Onegin", and a fur shawl and feathered hat worn by Jacqueline Bisset in "Murder on the Orient Express". Many items are accompanied by film stills showing the actors wearing them.

If this piques your interest, I'm afraid you're out of luck. The exhibit has been touring the USA, but the Oshkosh exhibit is the last before it returns to the world-renowned costume house Cosprop Ltd. in London.


My latest thrill is spending a few quiet moments before bed out on the deck watching the fireflies. I didn't grow up with this phenomenon, and find it endlessly fascinating. Their little neon green lights twinkle in the trees, and I can watch their progress as they fly across the lawn. One made it's way up to my deck and landed under a leaf of my petunias. It blinked on and off several times, then took a rest. I wasn't sure it was real, so I gently tapped the plant, and sure enough, the neon light started back up. I laughed and clapped my hands, which startled it and it flew away. Yes, I'm easily amused!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hurt Foot Nearly Better

Yesterday the doctor said I can quit wearing the boot (YEAH!) and get back to my normal life. However, I cannot go barefoot! or wear flip-flops or most of my sandals!! She must have seen the look of horror on my face when she said this, because she was very gentle about insisting that I follow this advice. My feet must be supported so that the tissue can continue to strengthen.

She also wanted me to have orthotics made, but I've been that route at least 4 times in the past, and I never like them, hardly want to wear them, and find them uncomfortable. So, I got out of it with a pair of over the counter shoe supports, that I am supposed to wear all the time. She said that if I can find enclosed sandals that the supports can fit in, I can wear those sandals. I suppose it's better than nothing.

My foot feels odd out of the boot. My ankle is wobbly and my foot hurts in other areas. I guess this is to be expected, as my muscles and tendons were used differently in the boot. I was assured that things will get back to "normal" soon.

I'm grateful for the ability of my body to heal and repair itself. I imagine that without this ability we would just keep collecting a series of mishaps and calamities until the body gave out. I think I'll reread "The God Memorandum" by Og Mandino. It always makes me appreciate what a wonderful machine the body is!

Friday, June 15, 2007



Before we can heal ourSelves, we first need to come clean with ourselves. The energy of Purification will help you to forgive yourSelf for making choices you did not understand completely at the time. Once you are free of regret and Selfpity, you can start healing your Self after which you will automatically heal everyone around you with radiant unconditional love.

Purify your Self!
The tension in the world is growing. Open up a random newspaper, watch the evening news and what we see if we look closely is a world in transition. The distance between the light and the dark side in the world is growing rapidly. But wouldn't we all like to be surrounded by light and love?

As the Earth is purifying itself with water, wind and rain so do we need to purify ourselves to prepare us for our own individual transition. As the Earth 'hurts' itself, so must we realize that we might feel 'hurt' if we dare start this process of purification. Get rid of old habits, so-called programs, we run day in day out without realizing it.

A powerful way of doing this is by using Sacred Geometry. Science has proven long ago that our bodies are geometrically designed systems. Our subconsciousness recognises complex Sacred Geometrical symbols that have been used since time immemorial. Although our conscious minds will not understand, and even might think them strange, Sacred Geometry has a powerful effect on our mental state and also our physical body.

This code, called Purification, has been published with the sole purpose of helping people with this purifcation.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harry Potter Countdown-07/07/07

In anticipation of the next, and sadly last, Harry Potter episode, we are rereading the series. My husband and I started with book One and plan to read all of them, again. I have read all of them at least 3 times, but always find something new to refresh my memory and chuckle over.

As always, I'm transported into the world of Muggles and Magic and wish desperately to BE there. I want to attend Hogwarts and learn all the spells, potions and magic. Some of the scenery and characters are so real that it is hard to believe they don't actually exist.

Although, it DOES exist on some level. With the millions of us reading the books, thinking and talking about them, it has created something that I think must be like cyberspace. Real, yet not quite real.

I'm amused, amazed, uplifted and despondent in turn. Ms. Rowling has quite an imagination, a way with words, and a gift for storytelling that I'm grateful for. And yes, I believe the release date of 07/07/07 is quite brilliant.

So, what do YOU think will happen?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Flowers in the Garden

My flower garden is developing quite nicely. Everything is blooming and growing at a fast pace now, filling in with a variety of color and texture that is very pleasing to the eye.

Last week, the wind blew so hard that it bent the shepherd's hook on the deck to such an angle that the planter containers were tipped off and the the metal rod is bent! This hook was secured to the railing post in several areas and I was confident that it was sturdy. Mother Nature proved otherwise, and now I have no place for two of the containers. Currently they are sitting on the deck, looking lovely, but definitely in the way. I'm not sure what to do with them, as the wind will blow all summer and I'm not stupid enough to put them back where they were.

This year I used the plastic bags that have 12 holes cut into the bag, so that the flowers can trail and display the whole length of the bag. It is quite beautiful, but difficult to water and extremely heavy. One corner of the deck has the hot pink, vibrant purple and lovely burgundy petunias. That is the side that blew down. The other side of the deck has the yellow, lavender, and softer blue petunias, daisy's and trailing lobelia. That end doesn't get much wind, but the bags are still heavy and now I wonder if the shepherd hook can hold them as they grow and get bigger. Such a dilemma!

I planted two tomato plants on the deck, so that we can just step out and get tomatoes for our dinner. I also have a container of herbs (cilantro, basil and parsley) that is finally starting to get big.

In the beginning, the squirrels would dig in the soil to hide their peanuts, and I was having to replant these nearly every day. Now that they are filled in, I don't think the squirrel can get to the soil. Plus, I quit putting out peanuts! My husband pointed out that I can't cuss the squirrels for being squirrels if I keep feeding them. So, I figured it's Summer, there is plenty of other food available, and I'll save the peanuts for fall and winter.

The bird feeders are nearly as full as they were a week ago when I filled them. Guess the birds have found other sources of food as well. Bugs, worms and other natural foods must be preferable to dry seeds and grains. Ha Ha

The garden spot that I share with twelve other gardeners is also coming along nicely. This year I wasn't going to plant any vegetables. They last couple of years we let much of the vegetable crop rot on the vine because we weren't tuned in to how often you have to pick the stuff. I enjoy the flowers, and didn't want to feel bad about neglecting the vegetables.

So, I put in flowers. Lots and Lots of flowers. But then, I thought--I'll plant some peas behind the trellis. They will be over and gone before the flowers need the support. Then, I realized that I needed a few peppers, so I planted 2 red and 2 yellow peppers. Then, someone had extra kohlrabi, so I put in 5 of those. I was using Swiss Chard for variety, texture and decoration, but realized we can also eat it. Same with the basil, parsley, and dill. Finally, I thought, what the hell. There is room for one big tomato plant, so it's in there too.

Surprisingly, the mix of the vegetables and flowers together is rather attractive. Before, there was a flower garden, then a vegetable garden. Guess I'm relaxing my own boundaries and reaping the benefit.

Pictures will appear as soon as I figure out how to download the pictures to the computer.

Every day I visit the garden to encourage everyone to bloom and grow to their highest potential. So far it seems to be working!

Hurt Foot

My foot got injured at work, and is now in one of those mega boots. The one that comes up to your knees and is bound with velcro up and down your leg and foot. It weighs a ton and if fairly uncomfortable to drag around all day. It makes my leg tired and cranky, which makes me cranky.

The good news is that I'm on light duty, so I'm not having to get up at ungodly hours. The medication they have me on gives me odd dreams. It's not a painkiller, at least not the good kind :-) but some sort of super anti-inflammatory. But the quality of my dreams has definately changed.

Anyway, I got to use one of the ride-on shopping carts at WalMart. It was sort of fun. Reminded me of driving bumper cars when I was young! In fact, I want to go shopping again so I can drive the little machine. I need to rent one so I can get from my parking stall to my apartment. It's a long, long walk.

I had to go shopping for a platform shoe so that my feet were equally off the ground. After walking around for a week with uneven shoes, my hips, back, and neck are all thrown out of alignmnet. This morning I find that my jaw is tense and I'm grinding my teeth. From experience I know that this is the final phase of my spine being kinked.

There is Nothing that makes me appreciate my health like having something not working! I take my good health for granted, but I've been reminded of the need to express gratitude EVERY DAY for my good health.

Thank Goodness that this foot thing is only temporary. I can survive three weeks. I must!

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