Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harry Potter Countdown-07/07/07

In anticipation of the next, and sadly last, Harry Potter episode, we are rereading the series. My husband and I started with book One and plan to read all of them, again. I have read all of them at least 3 times, but always find something new to refresh my memory and chuckle over.

As always, I'm transported into the world of Muggles and Magic and wish desperately to BE there. I want to attend Hogwarts and learn all the spells, potions and magic. Some of the scenery and characters are so real that it is hard to believe they don't actually exist.

Although, it DOES exist on some level. With the millions of us reading the books, thinking and talking about them, it has created something that I think must be like cyberspace. Real, yet not quite real.

I'm amused, amazed, uplifted and despondent in turn. Ms. Rowling has quite an imagination, a way with words, and a gift for storytelling that I'm grateful for. And yes, I believe the release date of 07/07/07 is quite brilliant.

So, what do YOU think will happen?

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