Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cirque du Soleil

For years I've been fascinated with Cirque du Soleil, but always at a distance. I've seen it on TV, and rented DVD's. I've even bought a soundtrack of the amazing music.

So, when I saw that my favorite theatre, Sundance Cinema, was featuring a showing, I took the opportunity to go!

DELIRIUM is a multifaceted event of unprecedented proportion featuring Cirque du Soleil music remixed. Driven by an urban tribal beat and awe-inspiring visuals, musicians, singers and dancers transform the arena into joyous frenzy. DELIRIUM is the quest for balance in a world increasingly out of sync with reality. DELIRIUM is an urban tale, a state-of-the-art mix of music, dance, theatre and multimedia. (this was from the press release)

The tickets were $20 each! At first I thought, I can't spend that much money for a MOVIE! But I really wanted to see it, so I began the justifying process. "A ticket to a LIVE event can go from $60 - $150 or more. I live in Wisconsin. I don't think Cirque du Soleil comes here. This is a chance to see a performance up close and personal for a fraction of the cost. In ways it might be better, as the camera will be able to see things I might miss with my eyes." (All this conversation in my head happened in a couple of moments. I was pretty easy to persuade!!)

What a treat! From beginning to end, it was an extravaganza of color and motion and sound. The costumes are so over the top! The music, especially the drumming, made me want to stand up and Dance. The performers were inspiring. It is amazing to see what the human body is capable of: The strength, the flexibility, the endurance, the sheer bravado, was stunning to watch. I was amazed, amused, and totally capitavitated. It was worth every penny!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

This CROP CIRCLE (refer to link for details) appeared on 08/08/08, and is significant to me, even if it's only to remind me of what the number 8 represents.

The number 8 is often referred to as "harvest" since it's the culmination of the numerology scale. (Beyond 8 are mystical numbers, and/or numbers that add up to numbers 1 through 8). It is associated with Balance, Lessons Learned, Wealth, and Graduation. If you look at the number 8, turned on its side, you have the sign of infinity.

So, I believe that 08.08.08 is significant. Since I also believe that we experience what we believe, there IS something special about these numbers, and this day--for ME!

So how did I celebrate? Of course I bought a lottery ticket...good for the next 8 plays!
I did a special Power of 8 meditation, and put in place many anchors to see me through the process I've put into play.
Later in the week, I bought a special beer that was purposely bottled on 08/08/08. It was meant to be saved and drunk on 12/12/12, but that's Way to long for me to hold on to something. So I drank it, in a celebratory kind of way, while calling on my Power of 8 meditation.

Now, we'll see what happens.

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Raining!

Funny how the weather figures into my life. Rarely do I leave the house without consulting the computer to see what's going to happen during the day. I'm to that point in my life that I can often predict what's coming by the way my body and/or joints feel! The weather is a major conversation factor, especially with strangers (safe topic?!).

So it seems funny to be excited about rain on its way. After all the complaining I did at the beginning of the summer, I thought I was ok with this warm, dry weather. Then I noticed that the grass was browning up, and the flowers were all wilting, and there was a fine coat of dust on everything. We need a good rain shower!
Then the sky got dark, the wind began to blow, and the next thing you know--RAIN!

Rain with lightening and thunder. LOUD thunder! and LOTS of rain.

It rained so hard a couple of times that I didn't want to drive the car, or leave the house for that matter! It didn't last long, but visited us in small, intense storms for a couple of days. Then the grass greened up, the trees and streets and buildings sparkled from the shower they received, the flowers perked up and new blossoms formed. I love how things look after a good rain. It smells nice too!

Friday, August 1, 2008

War on Mosquitoes

It was brought to my attention that the way to win with the "war" with the mosquitoes is to NOT call it a WAR! And it's true, the War on Drugs has been a dud. A War on Poverty brings up odd images?! The War in Iraq has turned into a fiasco.

So, I agree. I am NOT declaring a War on Mosquitoes. I'm calling it an "Ongoing Conflict" with hope for a Peaceful Settlement!

After purchasing chemicals, I can't bring myself to use them. Part of it is laziness, and part is I just don't care for the toxicity they perpetuate. I have some oils and candles, but they don't offer the protection I'm looking for. Someone told me if I eat LOTS of garlic, they may leave me alone. I wonder how much garlic that is?

Meanwhile, I have a new bite on my neck (little vampires), one at the edge of my eyebrow (very attractive) and a big one on my upper thigh (itches like the dickens). The scabs from all the previous scratchings have resulted in me looking like I was put through a blender at High speed.

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