Friday, August 8, 2008

This CROP CIRCLE (refer to link for details) appeared on 08/08/08, and is significant to me, even if it's only to remind me of what the number 8 represents.

The number 8 is often referred to as "harvest" since it's the culmination of the numerology scale. (Beyond 8 are mystical numbers, and/or numbers that add up to numbers 1 through 8). It is associated with Balance, Lessons Learned, Wealth, and Graduation. If you look at the number 8, turned on its side, you have the sign of infinity.

So, I believe that 08.08.08 is significant. Since I also believe that we experience what we believe, there IS something special about these numbers, and this day--for ME!

So how did I celebrate? Of course I bought a lottery ticket...good for the next 8 plays!
I did a special Power of 8 meditation, and put in place many anchors to see me through the process I've put into play.
Later in the week, I bought a special beer that was purposely bottled on 08/08/08. It was meant to be saved and drunk on 12/12/12, but that's Way to long for me to hold on to something. So I drank it, in a celebratory kind of way, while calling on my Power of 8 meditation.

Now, we'll see what happens.

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