Sunday, January 27, 2008

One of the GOOD days

After weeks of miserable cold and snow, today dawned with sunshine and a little warmth! In other words, a beautiful day. As we both had the day off, we decided to make the most of it and take a walk. We headed for Lake Monona. There were lots of people out on the lake. Some of them were cross country skiing, some walking the dog, and everyone having fun. (you have to look real hard to see the people out on the lake, but trust me, they were having fun!)
I've never walked on a frozen lake. It's something I've avoided, as I really don't want to fall through and freeze while trying to be rescued. Once I saw all these people on the lake, and given how COLD it's been, I figured the lake was safe for me to try walking on. The snow was so deep, I couldn't get down to the actual ice, so my walk was basically on a snow covered surface, not an icy lake.
Funny thing about the snow we got yesterday. It looks totally FAKE! Really, it looks like the snow they make for the movies. First, it isn't snow shaped. These "flakes" are weird geometric shapes, like triangles, and trapezoids, and parallelograms. In addition to that, it is so light and unsubstantial that it has no weight. There is no liquid in this snow. It's strange to see. It's also hard to look at, as it sparkles like diamonds.
After we had our fun in the snow, we were walking back to the car and passed an interesting yard.What is it? Some creative person has frozen blue water into various shapes, and built a forrest of inventive stacked sculptures. I wish they weren't covered by snow, and I intend to return next week when the weather is predicted to warm up and begin melting. While I was photographing them, the artist came to the door and asked me to make him a copy of any photos that turned out. I'll deliver them next week! All in all, it was a great to get out of the house and enjoy Nature. So much of this winter has been about enduring, that it's nice to have a little enjoyment too. When we got home, my hubby fixed me a lovely Brunch. Doesn't get much better than this!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Six more Inches!

The weather continues to define my reality. When it's snowing, I prefer to stay home. When it's really cold out, I prefer to stay at home. Guess I've become something of a recluse this winter. I leave the house to go to work only because I need to pay for the house. It is no hardship being at home. The computer connects me to the world, and I have movies and books and art supplies. I can always cook, or clean. I'm rather content.

My husband is another story. He is the social one, Being a double Gemini, he LOVES to talk, and these enforced retreats leave him desperate for conversation. He wears my ears out after the first hour. Guess that's why they created cell phones. He wanders through the house, talking and gesturing, and getting his fix.

No more snow in the forecast this week. But lots of cold. So I'll lay in more provisions, and plan to snuggle in my nest and make the best of it. If I'm being truthful, I sort of enjoy it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh me, Oh my...

Just read the forecast for the next few days. More snow on the way. Big whoop. I have quit freaking out every time it happens. It's Winter, this is Wisconsin...Snow is normal. I'm getting used to it.

What has me worried this time is the COLD that is coming after the snow. Friday night the cold begins, and the low, with wind chill will be 17 - 27 degrees BELOW zero! The high on Saturday is going to be 2 degrees! It is supposed to be sunny, so that is some consolation. Sunday will be about the same. The high might get all the way to 4 degrees. Guess it's time to buy the additive to keep the fuel line from freezing.

What was I thinking when I agreed to leave San Diego for a life in Wisconsin?

Monday, January 7, 2008

Thunder and Lightening!

First, this is NOT my photo. The lightening was not distinctive like this. It was more of a brightening of the clouds, but THAT picture didn't turn out.

It was odd, really, really odd, to wake up to the sound of rain and thunder and lightening on January 7. I know I've been complaining about the snow and the cold, but this is ridiculous.

Yesterday we had thick fog because the air was warm and the ground still cold. Guess lots of people had problems out in the fog, including a 100 car pile up (Actually it was 7 separate pileups on the same stretch of freeway) that closed both lanes of the interstate for hours and killed 2 people. We were just glad we weren't required to be out in it, especially when we heard about the freeway pileup.

This is freaky weather, and with it only being early January, I think we haven't seen the end of it!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grand Babies

Ellie in her Christmas Dress.
Christmas was a quiet affair, just us, the kids and grandkids. We spent the day watching the kids and eating. Funny how only two Christmases ago there were no infants. Now, there are three. Ellie was entranced with the Christmas lights and entertained herself walking about exploring. Unfortunately she hit her head on the dining table several times. We had childproofed the fireplace, the staircase and the light sockets, but didn't think of the dining table. Plus, how DO you childproof it?
Twins, Riley and Kayleigh, ready to go home.

Eventually the guys got out the Risk game. (Let's celebrate the season of Peace and Good Will by trying to dominate and defeat the known world!) Caity, Heather and I all held babies. They are so small, so innocent. It's nice to smell their hair and have their tiny little fingers wrapped around one of mine as we rock in the chair and space out on the Christmas Lights.

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