Sunday, January 27, 2008

One of the GOOD days

After weeks of miserable cold and snow, today dawned with sunshine and a little warmth! In other words, a beautiful day. As we both had the day off, we decided to make the most of it and take a walk. We headed for Lake Monona. There were lots of people out on the lake. Some of them were cross country skiing, some walking the dog, and everyone having fun. (you have to look real hard to see the people out on the lake, but trust me, they were having fun!)
I've never walked on a frozen lake. It's something I've avoided, as I really don't want to fall through and freeze while trying to be rescued. Once I saw all these people on the lake, and given how COLD it's been, I figured the lake was safe for me to try walking on. The snow was so deep, I couldn't get down to the actual ice, so my walk was basically on a snow covered surface, not an icy lake.
Funny thing about the snow we got yesterday. It looks totally FAKE! Really, it looks like the snow they make for the movies. First, it isn't snow shaped. These "flakes" are weird geometric shapes, like triangles, and trapezoids, and parallelograms. In addition to that, it is so light and unsubstantial that it has no weight. There is no liquid in this snow. It's strange to see. It's also hard to look at, as it sparkles like diamonds.
After we had our fun in the snow, we were walking back to the car and passed an interesting yard.What is it? Some creative person has frozen blue water into various shapes, and built a forrest of inventive stacked sculptures. I wish they weren't covered by snow, and I intend to return next week when the weather is predicted to warm up and begin melting. While I was photographing them, the artist came to the door and asked me to make him a copy of any photos that turned out. I'll deliver them next week! All in all, it was a great to get out of the house and enjoy Nature. So much of this winter has been about enduring, that it's nice to have a little enjoyment too. When we got home, my hubby fixed me a lovely Brunch. Doesn't get much better than this!

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