Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grand Babies

Ellie in her Christmas Dress.
Christmas was a quiet affair, just us, the kids and grandkids. We spent the day watching the kids and eating. Funny how only two Christmases ago there were no infants. Now, there are three. Ellie was entranced with the Christmas lights and entertained herself walking about exploring. Unfortunately she hit her head on the dining table several times. We had childproofed the fireplace, the staircase and the light sockets, but didn't think of the dining table. Plus, how DO you childproof it?
Twins, Riley and Kayleigh, ready to go home.

Eventually the guys got out the Risk game. (Let's celebrate the season of Peace and Good Will by trying to dominate and defeat the known world!) Caity, Heather and I all held babies. They are so small, so innocent. It's nice to smell their hair and have their tiny little fingers wrapped around one of mine as we rock in the chair and space out on the Christmas Lights.

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