Friday, December 28, 2007

The generosity of Strangers!

Ever since we moved to Madison we've been looking for some furniture for the basement family room. I look on Craigslist every few days and have called or e-mailed several people, but nothing has worked out.

We'd gotten it into our heads that we wanted leather. I should mention that we have a minimal budget for this, plus no way of hauling it home once we find it. Still, I look every few days.

One day I had a "feeling" that there would be the perfect furniture posted, so I signed onto Craigslist and looked through several hundred entries. This took awhile, as I had to look at the pix and compare with things I've already looked at. Eventually I had to admit that I couldn't find anything that really spoke to me.

I went to the kitchen to fortify myself, and thought I'd just look just a little longer. I really felt our furniture was out there looking for us. When I signed back into Craigslist, I noticed a category I'd never noticed before. FREE!

Thinking I had nothing to lose, I opened the link and on the 7th entry I read, "Free couch and loveseat. Navy blue leather Natuzzi sofa." I immediately called and was assured by the woman that the furniture would go to whoever spoke for it first. She had 3 people lined up for the next day, but no one for today. Even though it was snowing to beat the band, we decided to go look at it. The woman lives on our side of town, about 8 miles away. In that 8 miles, we saw 2 cars off the road in the ditch and the traffic backed up for miles. We decided to take an alternate route home and within an hour, we were committed to coming back to pick up the furniture on Sunday.

While looking for furniture on Craigslist, I'd noticed an ad for a fellow that advertises he is available to pick up your purchase for a modest fee ($45). I called him, made the arrangements, and now we have leather furniture in the basement!

It's old (14 years) and scratched (she has cats), but it's comfortable and gives us something to sit on.

Thank God for the generosity of Strangers!

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