Friday, December 7, 2007

Slush and Sludge

The weather warmed up considerably today. The snow packed roads became an inch of slush over the remaining ice and snow. This is the kind of slush that collects in the wheel wells until there are monster blocks of dirty slush/sludge that fall off the cars when they get a chance.

I noticed that my wheel wells were full and tried to kick to accumulation loose, but due to the curvature of the mud flap, it couldn't be done. These chunks are so big that it nearly touches the tire! I guess the friction of the wheel turning is all that keeps it from seizing up. It also explains why I feel a slight tug when I turn hard right or left.

After my inability to get rid of the slush/sludge block, I began to notice other cars as I walked along the street. At least half of them look like MY car, so I guess there is no need to panic. I also began to notice dirty blocks of this accumulation on the road, as the various cars gave up their load so they could begin accumulating another. Yes, endlessly fascinating!

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