Thursday, December 27, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Where did the year go? I think it's time to give up my awareness of the actual date. It stresses me. I don't really pay attention to the date, until I have to write it. Then, when I pause to try to get an accurate number to put on the form, I get stressed that the number keeps passing by without me being aware of it.

Being back in a job that happens 7 days a week plays a number on my head too. My Monday may actually be Wednesday. So, when "normal" people are saying "TGIF" I get confused because it's really only Wednesday in my mind. Then, when my schedule has my days off one at a time instead of two together...well, it gets pretty weird. I rarely know what Day it is, much less what Date it is.

I gave up my perception of time a few years ago. I quit wearing a watch. Quit being concerned with minutes. I developed a pretty good sense of timing. I'm rarely late. There are plenty of clocks to peek at without wearing one on my person. But without that watch, I can spend all the time I want when I have the freedom to do so. I tend to have that freedom more and more. Besides, when I absolutely, positively MUST know the time, I ask my husband!

I'm saying goodbye to 2007 now, because I'm sure I'll lose track of the days and the New Year will come and go without my getting to acknowledge it. Bye. I miss you already!

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