Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Six more Inches!

The weather continues to define my reality. When it's snowing, I prefer to stay home. When it's really cold out, I prefer to stay at home. Guess I've become something of a recluse this winter. I leave the house to go to work only because I need to pay for the house. It is no hardship being at home. The computer connects me to the world, and I have movies and books and art supplies. I can always cook, or clean. I'm rather content.

My husband is another story. He is the social one, Being a double Gemini, he LOVES to talk, and these enforced retreats leave him desperate for conversation. He wears my ears out after the first hour. Guess that's why they created cell phones. He wanders through the house, talking and gesturing, and getting his fix.

No more snow in the forecast this week. But lots of cold. So I'll lay in more provisions, and plan to snuggle in my nest and make the best of it. If I'm being truthful, I sort of enjoy it!

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