Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Raining!

Funny how the weather figures into my life. Rarely do I leave the house without consulting the computer to see what's going to happen during the day. I'm to that point in my life that I can often predict what's coming by the way my body and/or joints feel! The weather is a major conversation factor, especially with strangers (safe topic?!).

So it seems funny to be excited about rain on its way. After all the complaining I did at the beginning of the summer, I thought I was ok with this warm, dry weather. Then I noticed that the grass was browning up, and the flowers were all wilting, and there was a fine coat of dust on everything. We need a good rain shower!
Then the sky got dark, the wind began to blow, and the next thing you know--RAIN!

Rain with lightening and thunder. LOUD thunder! and LOTS of rain.

It rained so hard a couple of times that I didn't want to drive the car, or leave the house for that matter! It didn't last long, but visited us in small, intense storms for a couple of days. Then the grass greened up, the trees and streets and buildings sparkled from the shower they received, the flowers perked up and new blossoms formed. I love how things look after a good rain. It smells nice too!

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