Friday, August 1, 2008

War on Mosquitoes

It was brought to my attention that the way to win with the "war" with the mosquitoes is to NOT call it a WAR! And it's true, the War on Drugs has been a dud. A War on Poverty brings up odd images?! The War in Iraq has turned into a fiasco.

So, I agree. I am NOT declaring a War on Mosquitoes. I'm calling it an "Ongoing Conflict" with hope for a Peaceful Settlement!

After purchasing chemicals, I can't bring myself to use them. Part of it is laziness, and part is I just don't care for the toxicity they perpetuate. I have some oils and candles, but they don't offer the protection I'm looking for. Someone told me if I eat LOTS of garlic, they may leave me alone. I wonder how much garlic that is?

Meanwhile, I have a new bite on my neck (little vampires), one at the edge of my eyebrow (very attractive) and a big one on my upper thigh (itches like the dickens). The scabs from all the previous scratchings have resulted in me looking like I was put through a blender at High speed.

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