Friday, June 1, 2007

Hurt Foot

My foot got injured at work, and is now in one of those mega boots. The one that comes up to your knees and is bound with velcro up and down your leg and foot. It weighs a ton and if fairly uncomfortable to drag around all day. It makes my leg tired and cranky, which makes me cranky.

The good news is that I'm on light duty, so I'm not having to get up at ungodly hours. The medication they have me on gives me odd dreams. It's not a painkiller, at least not the good kind :-) but some sort of super anti-inflammatory. But the quality of my dreams has definately changed.

Anyway, I got to use one of the ride-on shopping carts at WalMart. It was sort of fun. Reminded me of driving bumper cars when I was young! In fact, I want to go shopping again so I can drive the little machine. I need to rent one so I can get from my parking stall to my apartment. It's a long, long walk.

I had to go shopping for a platform shoe so that my feet were equally off the ground. After walking around for a week with uneven shoes, my hips, back, and neck are all thrown out of alignmnet. This morning I find that my jaw is tense and I'm grinding my teeth. From experience I know that this is the final phase of my spine being kinked.

There is Nothing that makes me appreciate my health like having something not working! I take my good health for granted, but I've been reminded of the need to express gratitude EVERY DAY for my good health.

Thank Goodness that this foot thing is only temporary. I can survive three weeks. I must!

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