Monday, May 28, 2007

I feel a Rant coming on....

People amaze me. They also frustrate me, disappoint me, and make me fearful. As I surf the internet and read various blogs, websites and posts, I'm elated and depressed in turn.

There are people out there that share my thoughts, desires, phobias, aspirations and preferences. I am inspired, heartened, and feel hopeful for the species. These are people that I call friends and family even though I'll never meet or see them.

Then, there are people that make me wonder what the planet is coming to. These are the people with itty bitty minds, strong prejudices, myopic opinions and lots of misinformation that they cling to doggedly. These people are also my family, even tho it pains me to own them. They are my family in the sense that We Are All One, so I'm sure that somewhere deep, deep inside me there is love and compassion for them. What I feel on the surface, however, is frustration. "Open your mind, your eyes, your heart," I want to scream/type at them. But it's useless. I know that.

I know because I was/am one of those people. I did open my eyes, my heart and my mind and changed many of my beliefs, opinions and prejudices. But I still have them. There are those, I'm sure, that feel these same feelings after reading my posts. I probably scare them, insult them, or make them shake their heads and wonder.

The difference is that I'm basically teachable. You show me something in a new light and I'll change my belief/opinion about it. Just because I thought a specific way yesterday doesn't mean I'm going to hold that thought for the rest of my life. I'm adaptable!

Fear is the underlying cause of all this mental unrest. Yet, it is true that "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."

So, to all those people out there that are frustrating me with their fear--give it a rest. Try for a moment, or even a nanosecond, to consider another point of view. Imagine another outcome, alternative, or possibility. Try for one instant to be different than you've previously been.

I will if You will!

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