Sunday, May 6, 2007

Green, Part 2

Last night, as the sun was going down, we looked out and saw deer walking along the grassy area near the trees. Two yearlings were strolling along, without a care in the world. They were so lovely, peaceful, graceful.

We enjoyed them until they were out of sight.

Then I thought of the grass. The Chemically treated grass that they had been walking on. I began to worry about them eating any of it, or having a small cut on their feet that allowed the chemicals into their body. Just as I began to obsess, I let it go. The grass isn't going to kill them.

What's going to kill them is that we're in the middle of a populated area here. There is a freeway less than a mile away, and a major street just a few blocks away. They could stay in our little wooded area, but it's less than an acre in size.

I hope that they are on their way to somewhere better and that they have a safe journey.

It's not their fault that we've taken over most of their natural habitat.

I feel another rant coming on. Someone stop me.....

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