Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I think it's FINALLY Spring!

May 1 and I'm noticing that many trees are in leaf. It's been a long, slow process this year, but I think we can count on its continuation. I'm so happy to see leaves. That lovely, new green is such a great color. I'm even willing to endure the pollen, as it means that Spring is finally here. I'm noticing that tulips have appeared. My own garden is full of daffodils and hyacinth that I planted a couple of years agol (I just LOVE bulbs!)

We've had quite a bit of rain. The creek out the back and down the incline sounds more like a river. It has overflowed its banks and takes up the entire valley. I noticed the farm fields have a lot of standing water in them. Hopefully it will just cause things to grow like crazy. It's suppossed to start heating up. I'm ready for a little higher temperature. Yes, I actually said that! We'll see how long before I begin to complain about the heat.

I think I'll go do my little "Welcome Spring" dance now. It's the only way I can think to get this smile off my face!

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