Monday, May 7, 2007

So Little Time...

Since I began blogging, I find that I spend more time on the computer. That's ok, except one thing leads to another and soon I've spent several hours and have little or less to show for it. But there is always some enticing thing to read, to look at, to study. Who knew that I had an aptitude for surfing the net?

So, I need more time to spend on my blogging pursuits.

I also need more time to study the Reiki initiation that I got while surfing the internet. I want to learn this, as I've wanted to "have" Reiki for many years. Now that I have it, I want to get really familiar with it.

Next, I need more time to read a series of books I discovered (yep, on the Internet) about Merlin, the wizard, as a boy. I love to read, but reading takes time, and I'm finding I already didn't have enough.

Now that Spring has taken up residence, I'm going to need time to devote to my garden. I really enjoy spending time doing gardening chores: weeding, pruning, puttering, dawdling, smelling the flowers.

It seems that so far I've stolen the time I'm wanting from my time spent shopping, cooking, cleaning, and grooming. Yes, the house is a bit of a mess, the fridge is empty and I hope to get the laundry done before I run out of clothes.

But I'm having so much fun with these new technological toys, that it's difficult to employ even the smallest degree of discipline. I've spent YEARS shopping, cooking, cleaning, and grooming....and they all just need to be done again and again. So, I figure I'll give them AND me a few moments, (days? weeks?) off. I'm taking a well earned holiday from domestic responsibility.

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