Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wisconsin Weather

My husband frequently reminds me that Wisconsin Weather is Changing Weather! When I complain he reminds me to wait 20 minutes, and it will probably be different.

When I leave the house, I often forget to close the windows and have come home to some real messes. "But it was sunny and hot when we left," I always say. "How often do I have to tell you about Wisconsin weather?" he'll reply. Apparently, again and again! I find it hard to believe that weather can be THIS unpredictable!

In the space of one week, I have had to turn on the Air Conditioning, and the Heat! It was in the low 60's. Then is rained and got a little chilly. Next day--83! It was hot for two days, then cooled off. It was pleasant for a day, then so cold I had to turn on the heater (all the blankets and cold weather clothes have been taken down to the storage room).

I understand extremes. But not in the same week, and not week after week!

The forecast for the rest of this week is: weather in the 60's, with some rain and thunderstorms. I hope that prediction will be true!

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