Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Tide has Turned!

There was a line from the movie "The Four Seasons" where Alan Alda's character is saying to Carol Burnette's character, "You know how life/relationships go up and down? Well, right now, we're in a trough. A very deep trough."

I've remembered that line because it often defines MY life. I know not to get too excited about these ebbs and flows, because what was down will always come up and what is up will always go lower. It's a roller coaster for sure.

For a couple of weeks, I've been in one of those troughs. If there was a 50/50 chance on something, it would always resolve on the negative side. I'm an optimist. I am really uncomfortable with these periods of negativity. Yet if I don't put a value judgement on it---just look at what is and let it be, I can live with it.

We're on the upswing now. Thank God! The Rune's describe is as "What was fire becomes water, and what was water becomes fire." I've noticed and charted these turn abouts, and learned to just try to get through them. If I react to them, then pain and suffering usually follows, because I've become attached to the outcome.

When I can remain neutral (and it's HARD to do) I can look at what's happening and say, "Oh my, look at that!" or "Isn't THAT interesting?" and know that if I can just twiddle my thumbs for this period of time, it will get better.

So, now that the tide has turned, and we're going up---where will it take me? What will come of these seeming catastrophes? It's easy to attach to the good stuff, because it feels good. But it can be just as dangerous as attaching to the negative. I'll try to be neutral, but I'll be smiling while I do it!

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