Saturday, March 17, 2007

Changing the World while Shopping

I HATE to shop. I dread holidays coming because I know that I'm expected to find gifts for people. It's not that I dislike giving. I Love to give. But I hate to shop, mostly because I don't like spending money on useless stuff. And most gifts to me, are useless stuff. So, while looking through the endless websites for online gifts (YES, I left the shopping to the very last possible moment) I came across the answer to all my gift buying nightmares. I found CHANGING THE PRESENT. This is a website that allows you to spend the money on something that really matters! Instead of buying something that is very likely not needed for someone that could buy it for themselves anyway----you can spend that money on someone for whom it will make a real difference! I think I may start looking for excuses to give gifts!

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