Monday, February 26, 2007

Bird Alert

The bird feeder was hanging so low I couldn't see it, so I plowed the porch to get to the feeder. Once there, I had to shake the branches and clean 6" of snow off the feeder roof. There is still lots of snow on the porch. The birds can hop on the crust, but the old seeds are so far down that they can't get to them. So, I put yet another tray of seeds out. First thing this morning the three female Cardinals came for breakfast! Mom and her two daughters are beauties. Their beak is bright orange, as are the feathers under their wings. They hopped from branch to branch, and eventually braved the porch to eat their favorite seeds, which I keep in a pile in front of my window. Soon they were joined by one of the males. Then another came by. Pretty soon it's a Cardinal Convention. They were doing a little bit of vocalization and giving me a thrill. Next thing I know, a BlueJay has dropped by to tell me that the peanut supply is low. I slowly slide the patio door open and gently throw raw, unshelled peanuts onto the snow. I figure the Jay is big enough to dig in the snow for his food. I expect the squirrels any time now. Quite a morning and it's still snowing!

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