Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flying Squirrels

The squirrels are an endless source of entertainment. I've identified two more, Fuzzy ears, and White belly. I think there is at least one more, but it's hard to tell without them lined up next to one another. Doubt that is going to happen soon. Watching them this morning, I realized that they often run up the tree, jump to the roof and run to the other side of the building to get down and run to the trees that are their home. I saw a hawk circling and hope that they are cautious. They are getting incredibly fat, and maybe the hawk couldn't lift one of them into the air! I think that two of the squirrels are brothers, and young ones at that. They occassionally will share the porch and the eating dish, and their fighting seems to be more rough housing than actual fights. This morning, the pair of them took on a newcomer and next thing I know, they had run to the edge of the porch and jumped. It looked like flying as they sailed through the air and hit the tree branch running. So graceful and fearless--and entertaining! The birdfeeders and squirrel food have been a good investment.

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