Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's for Dinner?

I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in my dread of the question, "What's for Dinner?" If I know, then the question doesn't faze me. But if I have NO IDEA, and there are many, many days that I haven't a clue--then I want to choke the person who is asking. Because, if I turn the question around on them, they NEVER, ok, rarely, have a solution or even suggestion.

I have a friend who fixes meatloaf if someone replies to the question, "What should I fix for dinner?" with "I don't know." She fixes meatloaf because no one in the family, except her, likes meatloaf. When she told me this I laughed. Such a wonderful revenge.

I recently read an article that was guiding me through a wanted change in my dietary habits. The person writing the article suggested that I find 10 meals that I enjoy and repeat them until they become familiar. Then, before it gets boring, add a new dish every few days. It's good advice. Obvious, yet I hadn't figured it out and it could work so well.

I'm looking for easy to fix recipes for Vegetarian Fare, using new spices and flavors. I want Fast. I want Healthy and I want Flavorful.

Please share!

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