Wednesday, February 7, 2007


For the past week we have had really C-C-COLD weather! Our poor furnace is working overtime and still not keeping the apartment warm. To be truly comfortable, I wear multiple layers and Ug boots. If I'm home during the day, it's lovely to lay in the sunshine that streams in the windows from 11am -3pm. But I'm usually at work and miss out on this luxury. When outside, people are bundled up with scarves covering their faces. You can't really tell who anyone is unless you know the color of their coat and scarf. The wind produces temperatures from 10-30 BELOW 0, and that is in the daytime! I don't mind this, as long as I can stay indoors. Last weekend I didn't set foot outside my apartment door. We read, slept, played on the computer, baked cookies, lounged in the sunshine and were generally lazy. My idea of perfection! We had friends who went ice fishing, and snowmobiling. They said they enjoyed it, and I believe them. I also assured them that I will never participate! Give me a good book and a comfortable chair every time.

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