Saturday, February 10, 2007


I've finally owned one of my most persevering personality traits. I'm a Dawdler. (If I'm truthful, I'm beyond Amateur Stature!) It's gone from being something I've denied--repeatedly and with great voice--to an acknowledged and constant companion.

As I age, it's the one thing that I must truly love to do, as I seem to go out of my way to create situations where my skill is appreciated. Or not. Until now, I've not been able to actually admit that the label pertains to me. And yet, as I recognize it and give it space to "be" I find that it might be a source of fun and laughter that I'd not yet thought of.

Yes, that's it. I'll try to have fun with it.
If you can't fight it, join it!

Persiflag: Good lighthearted talk, banter.
I like new words. Especially if they tickle the tongue when being spoken.

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