Friday, February 9, 2007

In for a penny?

This evening I saw a dime on the floor under the table of the restaurant we were eating at. I went to some effort to pry it away from the edge so I could pick it up. "WOW, 10 minutes of good luck coming to me" I think to myself. Recently I've realized that I no longer stop to pick up pennies, and don't especially like nickles. Plus, I rarely see a nickle on the ground. But dimes I love. I see a lot of dimes and always pick them up. Then I got to wondering if I'm falling into the trap of always looking down because how else am I going to see dimes (or dollars!). When we got home, I got on the internet to check my mail, and there was a RoadRunner survey. "If you saw a penny on the ground, would you pick it up?" I vote "NO" and submit my survey. The results come up instantly. Of the 64,835 people that responded 70% would pick it up! I'm in the 30% that say "No way!" So, would you? Why? or Why not?

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