Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Squirrel Fight!

While I was posting the last blog, the squirrels came for breakfast. I'm getting so I can tell 4 of them apart. Their tails are different, or their ears, or the color of the paw. Eventually I'm going to have to name them, if only to keep the story straight. Grey paws was in the feeding dish eating peanuts, when Fine tail stole to the edge of the balcony. Grey wasn't finished with his meal, and promptly chased Fine into the tree. The branches shake as they run up one and down another. Finally I see Grey leap off the roof, onto the tree, run past the birdfeeder and jump to the balcony. He turns to make sure Fine didn't follow, then calmly climbs into the dish and proceeds to eat peanuts. Fine will have to wait until he goes, or there will be another scuffle. They are Quick! Mean! and Territorial! I suppose it IS a jungle out there, but I always hope for harmony. Once I tried putting out two plates of squirrel food. The squirrel in possession of the porch just stood in the middle and defended both plates. So, they only get one source. I found that the squirrels come from the trees at the edge of the property. I suppose it is rather brave of them to get to my porch, as they have to cross 100 yards of open ground.

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