Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Novels for Grownups

While I've been reading "Tree Ring Circus", Loren has been consuming the work of author Orson Scott Card. He listened to "Enders Game" on his ipod. The 10 hour audible book was concluded late Saturday night. Sunday morning, Loren was at Barnes and Noble to get the first of the sequels, "Speaker for the Dead," which he read on Sunday. Monday he got the next sequel, "Xenocide," at the library and I don't know when he'll be through with this series (four more books) and on to other books by Mr. Card. He wants me to read it, and I will as soon as I finish the audible book I'm currently listening to. We have nearly 10G in audiobooks, which is 199 books. If we listened for 24 hours a day, we'd have 53.6 days worth of listening! Loren loves the audiobooks and has listened to most of them. I find that I drift off to sleep and have a hard time finding where I nodded off. Plus, I can't listen and do anything else. Guess I'm not a multi-tasker, tho I should have realized this since I've never been able to walk and chew gum at the same time! So, what have you read that you can recommend?

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