Sunday, February 18, 2007

What are you reading?

Yesterday I began reading "The Power of One" and find I can't put it down. Loren gave it to me when I was complaining that I needed something to read. I wouldn't have selected it myself, but find it well written, educational, and heartfelt. I enjoy reading about other cultures, times and situations. They are things that I would never encounter myself, but reading them, it seems to become my experience, if only while reading. A really good book stays with me and I'll find myself absorbing things that eventually I'll trace back to the reading of the story. It may be an idea, a play of words, an emotion. Sometimes I just like the characters so much that I'll find myself wondering what became of them, or how they are dealing with their situation. I truly believe that shared stories take on a life of their own and are real on some dimension. When I think about them, I contribute to their existance and it's only when no one remembers that they are gone.

Enough of that. Back to my novel!!

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