Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Read any good books lately?

While waiting in line at the library, I picked up one of the children's books on display and began reading. I hadn't finished by the time my turn came, so I checked it out and brought it home. What a delightful book! "Tree Ring Circus" by Adam Rex is his first book. The first time, I just read the story. The rhythm is quite infectious and I read it aloud, twice. The pictures are quite detailed and the story simple, so reading out loud means that you are turning the pages too fast to appreciate the artwork. So, I studied the pictures. It makes me smile, just remembering the experience. I'd forgotten how much fun a children's book can be. But now that I'm Nana (Grandma is the OTHER grandmother) I'm starting to collect books to read to Ellie. So, send me your favorites. I'll check them out.

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