Friday, May 2, 2008

May days

With the beginning of May, the weather warmed up! When we were at the Capitol for the Farmer's Market, I noticed that they had lots of tulips planted, just ready to bloom. After a couple of sunny, warm days I figured the flowers had opened and I wanted to see them.

I LOVE tulips! Maybe it is because they come up early in the Spring and it's nice to have all that color after months of cold and dreary.
Whatever it is, looking at tulips makes me happy! I especially like to look at what I call their throats, the place where the petals meet the stem.

One of my favorite tulips IS my favorite because of the throat coloration. That dark center, outlined in yellow ALWAYS makes me smile!

Start looking down, into tulips, and I promise, you'll be hooked. I never look at a tulip without looking to see what the throat pattern is. And seeing...I smile. And when I smile, I feel happy. Thank goodness for tulips!

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