Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox

Spring has Sprung. Today I was out walking around our neighborhood on the first official day of Spring. It was 81 degrees, but felt wonderful. In the park, at least 40% of the trees have started the blooming process that will result in leaves soon. Many bushes have leaves and blossoms popping out. Soon we won't be able to see into people's yards, because the hedges will have filled in.
The Forsythia is in full blooming color, which is usually the first thing that blooms each Spring. The ground is covered by a variety of blue and purple flowers. They are very small, and I couldn't identify them, but they are beautiful. All this green coming up, accented with color. This is the best Spring I can remember. Mostly that is because it is happening so early. I am Not complaining! Too Happy.
We finished the day sitting in the reclining chairs on the lawn, watching the summer-like clouds float by. Looking at the forecast, this weather is staying for at least 10 more days (as far as I can get the forecast). The temperatures will flocculate, but not drop below the mid 60's during the day. YES!!

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