Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roll down the windows!

Today was warm enough to roll down the window while I drove home from work! The temperature was only in the mid 40's, but the sun was shining and that made it feel warm in the car. They say we're getting a little more snow tomorrow, but today that is hard to believe.

When I left for work (6am) our yard was covered in snow. When I got home (3pm) most of the snow in the front yard was gone! I didn't dare walk over the "grass" for fear I'd sink in the mud. But it was nice to see ground!

It reminded me of an incident from my childhood. My Sunday shoes were a pair of black velvet mary jane's. I'd been allowed to wear them to school for some special function. On the way home, I came to an area that we used as a short cut. Previously this area had been snow covered, or at least hard ground. On this day, it was all soft mud. At the edge, it was still rather solid, but as I got several steps into it, my foot began to sink in the soft mud. Finally I found my entire foot sucked into the mud, and when it came out, it was sans shoe! The next step sucked the other shoe off my foot.

I don't remember how distressed I was when I lost my shoes, but when I got home and my mother got the story of where my shoes were, she got VERY upset. She made me take her to the mud pit, and she got a big stick to poke the ground with. Eventually she got my shoes out of the mud, took them home and cleaned them up. She stuffed newspaper in them to retain the shape, then wiped off as much mud as possible. After they dried, she brushed them over and over and eventually, I had shoes for Sunday again. Needless to say, I wasn't allowed to wear my Sunday shoes to school ever again.

It must have made more of an impression than I'd thought, as 45 years later, I think twice before stepping into a muddy yard!

Guess this means Spring is finally on the way. Yippee!!!!!!

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