Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Easily Amused

Madison is FINALLY experincing a heat wave. It was in the low 90's today, and this evening was in the high 70's. Real summer weather! You'll find no complaining about the heat from me...not after the Winter we endured!

There is no doubt about it. I am easily amused. Recently I've discovered that I can watch the firefly show from my living room window as dusk is falling. I'd thought that the fireflies would be visible at night, but they come out about 8:30pm, and by full dark, they are disappearing. Only a few bright firefly lights are active in the dead of night.

Usually I'm content to watch from the window, but tonight I took my chair outside to view the spectacle without any barriers. It was great! Dozens of fireflies are dancing in the grass, the bushes, and between the cars parked on the street. The neon lights would catch my eye, and sometimes it was like watching fireworks. A big grin would paste itself on my face as light after light caught my attention.

The fireflies are big! The first time I saw the fly, I wondered what it was. Then it lit up and I realized that they were the fireflies! They were attracted to my fire (I was lighting the match to light the citronella candle to keep the mosquitoes away.) When it realized that I was NOT a firefly, they flew away very quickly. Of course the price I paid was a dozen mosquito bites! Madison has LOTS of mosquitoes and the citronella candle didn't do its job. So I came inside after 10 minutes to apply my home remedy. I keep a bottle of ammonia under the sink. Using a cotton ball, I apply ammonia to the bites, and after a few minutes the itch subsides. Sometimes I have to reapply the ammonia several times, but eventually the sting goes away. It's a pretty cheap cure--97 cents for the bottle of ammonia!

All in all, it was a small price to pay for the entertainment value!

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