Monday, July 14, 2008

Art Fair

There was some amazing art on display around the Capitol this weekend. We went Saturday before work, and realized we would be spending most of the day Sunday. The weather was great, the crowds manageable, and the food and entertainment interesting. Here are some of my favorite artists from the weekend.

artist, janet ford

artist, geoffrey harris

multi media artist, ray zovar (this is a running water picture)

pottery artist, john herbon

gourd artist, steven radtke

kalediscope artist, mark reynolds

Guess what I bought?! Yes, I bought the kaleidoscope. I've been fascinated with kaleidoscopes for years and have collected a few of my favorites. Mark Reynolds designed and built the best kaleidoscope I've ever seen. Eventually I hope to own more of his work, but for now, I'm happily entertained. Thanks Mark!!

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