Friday, June 27, 2008

Farmer's Market

For years we've heard about the Farmer's Market in Madison. We finally experienced it in May, but didn't get the full effect until now. It really is a BIG DEAL!
Every week there is a little more for sale and more people turn out. What got my attention this time was the street musicians. In a two block radius there were seven different musicians.First I could hear a solo drummer. He wasn't even on the main drag, but you could sure hear him. Next we happened on a couple of guys playing guitar and singing songs from Sesame Street!

Then we saw a group of electic musicians playing a bluegrass number. What caught my attention was that one of them was playing a washboard! As I got closer, I saw that another guy was playing a washtub! He was pickin a bungee cord and making some decent sound. They were a total treat to watch! I bought their CD. The group is called "Boo Bradley".

We saw a few more groups and soon ran out of dollar bills to tip with. Next week I'm getting a roll of $1 coins so I don't have to worry that the wind will blow the money away. It's pretty cheap entertainment and totally enjoyable.

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