Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Fall, a movie

I've rediscovered one of my great loves, BIG CINEMA! For some unknown reason, I find I've been ignoring going to the theatre to watch movies. Part of this was my disdain for the general public (talking during the film, littering everywhere, the crowds, the cell phones, etc) and the lack of a good theatre near me.

All that changed when we moved to Madison and found the Sundance Cinema. www.sundancecinemas.com This is a THEATRE! The "lobby" is so comfortable that we find ourselves hanging out there, whether we're seeing a film or not. They have good food, that you can take into the theatre with you. The prices are reasonable and my favorite part---YOU SELECT YOUR SEAT WHEN YOU BUY YOUR TICKET!!!!!

Anyway, we've been going to the movies more. Last week I saw a preview for a movie called "The Fall" and decided I had to see it on the BIG screen. The movie is visually dramatic, the cinematography excellent, and the locations exotic. I was not disappointed. Today I went all by myself and was thoroughly entertained.
After the movie, I got online to read about it, since the credits listed several countries with film crews. Sure enough, it was filmed in 18 countries. When we saw the preview, I whispered to my husband that it reminded me of "The Cell", another visually dramatic film. So I wasn't all that surprised to find they share a director, Tarsem Singh.

Go see the film. It will delight your eyes and ears.

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