Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain and more Rain

Water has come into the basement family room AGAIN, and yet again. It wasn't much, but the carpet had to be pulled back, the water mopped up and fans run for two days to dry things out. The day I went down to put the carpet back in place, a little more water had found its way in and made the fan necessary for another day.

It's raining again now. I don't have the heart to go check out the basement. I would just let the water ruin our stuff, except I got a letter from our insurance company reminding us that we're not covered for flooding!! So I keep moving our stuff/junk, threaten to get rid of it (except where would I find the energy to do that?!) and then put it all back where it came from. Vicious circle!

The neighbor's back yard has flooded again. This time the water is deep! A duck couple has taken up residence there.

When we look at the forecast, it mentions rain that may be "torrential" at times. It's easy to tell those times, as the sound of the rain is overwhelming. For some reason this gives me a calm feeling and I really enjoy listening to it. Usually this is accompanied by some LOUD thunder and intense lightening. We unplug our appliances and computers several times each day.

Madison had the worst winter in 20 years our first winter here. Now we're having the most volatile Spring that anyone can remember. Is it just bad luck? Poor timing? Global warming?

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