Monday, December 15, 2008

It's cccccCOLD!

So many things happening around the world, and I'm consumed with the Weather. Again? Still?
No, this is NOT Wisconsin. It's the Antarctic, where it's so cold the water freezes the instant it meets the air. It's not that cold here. And while I think it's cold, I was just reading about the North East, and how those people are having really cold weather and NO POWER! That is so much worse than what we're experiencing that it's not even the same category. However, here's MY latest weather story...

Last week we had snow. Lots of snow piled everywhere from clearing the roads and sidewalks. I figured it was the beginning of a long, White Winter. We were having temps in the low 20's. Typical Winter Weather.

Yesterday, a warm front came through. 45 degrees!! and RAIN! Lots of rain. It took those piles of snow down to half their size, and exposed all the dirt and debris under that cover of pretty white.

Immediately behind the warm front, was a cold front. The temperature plummeted to 11 degrees in a short period of time, freezing the rain and melted snow. Oh Boy! With the cold temperatures, came 40mph winds, which brought the temp with windchill in the -20's.

Today it is sunny, but bitterly cold. Even with the sunshine, the temperature is not even a degree. The current temp is .3, and with the windchill figured in, it's -17. I don't have to go to work until 2pm, so I'll be staying in the house. I'm afraid of the cold!

Our Winter Advisory is in effect until later today, when the wind will calm down. Once that happens, the temperature is supposed to go up, enough that it can snow tomorrow. It doesn't snow when it's this bitterly cold, and now I actually WANT it to snow, to cover all these dirty snowbanks with clean, sparkling White!

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