Saturday, April 24, 2010

Film Festival

www.2010wifilmfest.orgAll winter we look forward to the Film Festival. Not only do we enjoy the films, but it's the first real event in the Spring.
This year we attended 14 films over a four day period.

The weather cooperated. No rain, which is nice as we wait in line sometimes for half an hour or more.
The UW Campus is connected to Capitol Square by way of State Street. The film venue is scattered along this route, and is easy to access by foot or bike.

This year, I took pains to schedule our films with breaks for eating, relaxing, and time to discuss the films we just saw.
We took one break at Monona Terrace, and watched the Crew practicing.By the end of four days, we were exhausted. Mostly because we saw lots of emotional Documentaries, and sat in uncomfortable chairs. Will we do it again. You Bet!

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