Friday, April 2, 2010


After a long hibernation, I finally poked my head out and saw that Spring is arriving in glorious fashion. April 1 surprised us with a nice, warm day (77 degrees). Friends in Utah and New Mexico got a snowstorm. For once, I'm glad to be in Wisconsin!
Since it was a nice day, I walked to work.
A profusion of daffodils were blooming along the way, in more varieties than I've ever seen. Also lots of crocus, and the little purple flowers (I forget the name). The trees are getting swollen buds. Finally I saw 1 tree that the buds had broken through to become little blooms.

It's going to be warm again today, then rain tomorrow and cooler. Which is perfect. All this new life wants a drink of water!

Now that Winter is behind me, and warm weather is ahead of me for many months, I can breathe that sigh of relief at surviving yet another Winter, shake off the doldrums and step forward with a little vigor in my step. Spring, glorious Spring!

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