Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What a Way to Wake Up!

Saturday morning I'm having a well deserved sleep in. I hear my hubby get up and leave. I breath a sigh of relief that he won't be making any noise, and roll over and go back to sleep. Within 15 minutes my phone rings. It's insistent, so I answer (grumble, grumble) and find hubby on the other end, wondering if I want to drive out to our favorite coffee house to have coffee with him. "NO!" I say rather meanly, "I want to sleep" and I hang up.

Five minutes later the phone rings again. I know who it is without even looking at the caller ID. Sure enough, my husband greets me with, "I think you'll want to come down for this." (Pause) I bite. "What?" "Looks like there is going to be live music this morning. In fact, someone is carrying in a bass just now." Hummmmm, I think. "A bass guitar? or a BASS?" I ask. "A BASS" he answers and hangs up.

I'm awake now. I love to watch people play big stringed instruments. I quickly shower, don fresh clothes and drive to "Brewed Awakenings" our favorite coffee house because they serve Alterra Coffee, out favorite kind.

The band (three guys) are set up just inside the door. I'm hoping that they aren't going to be overly loud, because I have barely begun to wake up. I order coffee (Punch in the Face, one of my particularly favorite blends) and a warm cinnamon roll. I make my way to the table where hubby is sitting, make myself comfortable and within a heartbeat the music has entered my reality and I'm grooving. It's Great!

We stay for two hours! Eventually we get the sofa that has been vacated by two women and a baby that were making too much noise anyway and throughly enjoy the music. We're only 5 feet from the band, so we start making comments and they make comments back. We talk with them through their break and stay for the final set. I've rarely had such a pleasant experience waking up on a Saturday morning.

Later in the week, we get an e-mail from the band. They agreed that we had made THEIR morning!

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