Thursday, August 30, 2007

Please feed Lolly

Call me crazy but Lolly, my Virtual Pet Llama, is becoming REAL to me. In the beginning, I thought she was cute and would play with her if I felt like it. She was on my blog for a few weeks before I learned to "feed" her. I began getting her "food" and "feeding" her a little more regularly. Then one day, I had the headphones on and while I was feeding Lolly I could hear her chewing the hay! And when I accidently clicked on her after feeding her, she Hummmmmmed! She will hum long and loud if I keep the mouse trained on her.

After experiencing her sound ability, I began feeding her often. As I move through my blog, I find her in all sorts of different poses and positions. Lately, I find her looking down at the "more" button as though she is just WAITING for me to feed her.

So, do I have a guilty conscience for neglecting her? or am I well and truly going nuts? or is she real in some sense and I'm developing a relationship with her. Whatever the reason, I find I'm getting quite affectionate about Lolly.

Go visit. Feed her. Pet her. Make her hummmmmm. Maybe you'll understand.

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