Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Back to the Weather!

It doesn't just rain, it POURS--SNOW!!! We had warmer days and lots of snow became slush. Then it froze, creating a smooth layer of ice which has been snowed on. 8-12" so far, and it's going to snow harder now. We may have 20" before we're done. Plus, the wind is blowing, so there is drifting and whiteout for moments.

Driving home from work, normally a 15 minute drive, took me 40 minutes. In the main streets, cars were stalled, spun out on that layer of ice under the snow. The snow is so deep, that once you turn off a main road it's anybody's guess whether you'll make it through the intersection. I was white knuckling it most of the way home. But my car made it! Bless her engine!!

Now I guess we make hot chocolate, toast some cheese sandwiches and turn on the TV for entertainment. I'm home for the evening, even though it's only 3:30.

HA! We learned that the malls were closing and that the bus lines were going to suspend service at 7pm. Warnings were issued to motorists to STAY HOME unless absolutely necessary, as the driving conditions were going to get worse.

My hubby had taken the bus to work, and now the bus service was going to stop, just when he needed to get home. So I volunteered to go get him. Big mistake! I barely made it out of the driveway, the snow was so deep. I was forced to turn Left instead of Right (toward the main roads) because two of the neighbors were digging their cars out and multiple people were gathered in the road trying to push these vehicles to the proper side of the road for the evening (reread my blog on Madison's Winter Parking Laws!).

The left turn put me in no mans land. I was slip-sliding all over the road, but was making progress until I came to the corner to turn into a plowed road. The snowplow had deposited the excess snow in the intersection I needed to cross. My car came to an absolute halt. When I got out of the car, it was buried to the wheel wells.

I ranted, I raved, I swore a blue streak. Then I got down on my hands and knees to start trying to remove some of the snow. Eventually someone got stuck trying to enter the road opposite me, but they called someone who came quickly and helped get them going. Then they turned their attention on me, and a couple of strangers walking by assisted in pushing the car once we got some snow removed. THANK GOD FOR THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS!

Once I was on the plowed road, I was fine. I called Loren to find he'd been able to catch the very last bus and was walking the last half mile home. He was closer to our house that I was. So I circled around, on the plowed roads, to get back home. While I'd been having my little adventure, the landlords had been by to clear the driveway and walks. We all helped two more people on the street dig out their cars and get them onto the proper side. All in all it was a real adventure. But next time, I'm just going to stay home with my hot chocolate!

Later we heard on the news that two semi's had jack knifed in the bad weather conditions and people were stuck on the freeway for up to 8 hours! They had to call a couple of local snowmobile clubs to help rescue people by taking them liquids and blankets.

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