Thursday, February 21, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Moon

It is still COLD and MISERABLE here in Madison, but we have "events" that pull our mind away from our winter woes from time to time. One of these was the Lunar Eclipse last night. The night was totally clear, so we could see the whole event. I was working 2pm till 10:30pm, but everyone was aware of what was happening and we'd take turns to run out and check it out. It was only COLD instead of SUPERCOLD, so we could run outside for that brief moment without totally bundling up.

I had no idea we were expecting this phenomenon until the cashier at the convenience store I stopped at told me. Lately I've been out of touch with most things, as all my energy and effort is required to keep enduring WINTER! I did find a cool site that will keep you abreast of when and where to expect the next eclipse.

By the time the eclipse was over and I was going home, the weather did get colder. MUCH COLDER! My gearshift froze so that when I got home, it wouldn't go into nor stay in Park. Since it wouldn't go into Park, the key wouldn't come out. After putting on the emergency brake, I left the keys in the car with the dash lights lit and prayed that tomorrow the battery won't have totally discharged keeping those lights on, and that it will start and unfreeze enough to get back to normal.

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