Monday, April 21, 2008

THE Day has finally arrived!

Well, it's happened again. We had a day that was warm enough to require lighter clothes, and where are my cool weather clothes? Lost somewhere in the mess of things that keep getting moved around because of the flooding!

I found something to wear, but had no shoes. They are also down in the basement. It took forever to get dressed, as I had to keep changing the individual pieces to accommodate for the things I needed from my bins downstairs.

Loren, the smarty pants, had been down the day before to scout around and find HIS warm weather clothes. When I asked why he didn't find mine he told me that I've always done my own (true) and he hadn't had time to look in every bin.

Yes, the bins are all totally mismarked. The first time we marked them, when we moved from San Diego, we had trouble getting any sort of labels to stick to the bins. Then, once I got some labels to stick, the contents kept changing. I could remember what was in each bin, despite the label, for about 2 changes, but now....they are all hopelessly mismarked. When we want to find something, it's like playing a memory game. As we have about 20 bins, it can take a lot of time and effort to move them, look in them, close them back up and look in the next one.

I can hear some of you saying, "why don't you relabel them?" and have a ready answer. Because!

Because the labels still don't stick. Because the labels that DO stick have been written over and renamed so many times that you don't know which writing to believe. Because it's too much trouble. And/Or Because I LIKE playing the Memory game.
Ha, Ha, Ha.

Last night I had the next part of my "THE Day has finally arrived" experience. For a few weeks, it has been difficult to find comfortable bedding for sleeping. Most nights a quilt is enough, but occasionally it got cold enough to require the down comforter. Last night was so warm that I needed the light weight blankets. Guess where they are?

It was a revelation to realize just how warm it was in the bedrooms upstairs last night. I actually opened the windows for some cross ventilation, and Loren had the fan on. It isn't even hot yet, so I doubt we'll be sleeping upstairs during the warm weather. When I went downstairs this morning, it was COLD! So I imagine we'll be spending most of the summer downstairs.

Which means that we will have to clean up and reorganize all the stuff that got moved because of the floods, move the bed downstairs, and figure out where the computer will reside. It can't get reception in the basement, and there is no cable down there. Hummmmm, guess I'll figure that part out after I find my clothes, and shoes, and bedding...

Guess it's time to get off the computer and begin the process. Ugh! But on a happy note, this effort means that nice, warm weather is coming. Yeah! Now I'm going to go find some Labels!!!!!

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