Saturday, April 5, 2008

First really nice day!

At the first hint of actual warmth people turned out by the dozens! Everywhere there were people running, and biking, and playing all types of ball and frisbee. Picnics were packed and smiles abound!

One thing I noticed across the board, most of the men were in shorts. Most of the girls were in capri's or short sleeve tops. The female population didn't change into warm weather gear. I wondered why and realized it's a female thing. We're always colder, so it has to be genuinely warm to put on sleeveless or shorts. Another reason is that females are vain, and we have no tan to our legs and arms, so they aren't on display! Men don't suffer from these compulsions, so they put on their shorts, took off their shirts and enjoyed the sunshine!

As I drove to work, I saw a sight that made me laugh. In the park at the edge of Lake Mendota people were out enjoying the weather. What made the sight funny was that the lake is still frozen, and there is snow along the fence line that protects the town from the winds coming from the water. That didn't stop them from running and jumping and throwing and catching.

There is no green yet. The grass will probably green up first, but still no sign of it. I long for green, for color. The bulbs have sent up their shoots, and eventually we'll have flowers. Patience is REALLY hard to come by just now!

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