Saturday, September 27, 2008

Indian Summer?

We have had the most incredible weather! We were calling it Indian Summer until we read about what makes an Indian Summer, and this spell of good weather doesn't qualify.

To be a TRUE Indian Summer, it must be proceeded by a frost. We haven't had that. I hope the frost arrives some distant time in the future, like February!

The weather has been warm. Sometimes in the middle of the day, it's actually hot (80 degrees). The warm stays into the evening, and I've been comfortable being outdoors in a sleeveless top at midnight! It's cool enough at night to sleep well, but not cold. For me, this has been utterly perfect weather! We've taken advantage of this lovely weather by taking long walks.

Guess it is coming to an end beginning tomorrow. Next week the prediction is for much cooler temperatures , with cooler evenings. No frost, and still not cold, but more what you'd expect for Fall Weather in Wisconsin. Maybe I'll have to break out a sweater.

Funny how we are about the temperature. In the Summer, if the thermometer drops below 50, we're all cold and grab a light jacket to protect us. But in the Winter, if the thermometer gets above 40, we're all outside in our shirtsleeves!

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